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For Veterinarians

Nutrition you can trust.

Your clients love their four-legged family members, but clients don’t always follow through on your advice for exercise, hygiene, and medical recommendations. The same could be said about providing species-appropriate nutrition.

Each animal you treat needs the right balanced nutrition to thrive. When the dogs and cats in your care eat Furchild raw meals, it strengthens their biology, making them better equipped to deal with their genetic and environmental stress factors.

Why feed Furchild Meals to Dogs and Cats?

  • High-quality protein High, balanced moderate fats and low carbohydrate meals
  • Ethically sourced ingredients from ranchers and farmers worldwide
  • Meets and exceeds NRC, FEDIAF, and AAFCO requirements for all life stages.
  • Professionally formulated, minimally processed, complete and balanced
  • Freshest ingredients available, conveniently home delivered across the UAE
  • A variety of single-source protein meals

Always the good stuff

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Good Stuff 2
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Never any of the bad stuff

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Bad Stuff 6
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We’ll supply you with a month’s worth of our meals (up to 20 lbs), delivered directly to your clinic, home or location of your choosing.

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