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ingredients for your dog!


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ingredients for your cat!


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We treat our pets like family, so why wouldn’t we feed them like family?

Furchild has revolutionised the way we care for our pets with a range of fresh, raw, human-grade and organic pet meals that are optimally balanced and conveniently delivered to your home.

As a pet parent, you can relax with peace of mind, knowing your 'Furchild' is getting the healthiest food and nourishment essential for a longer, healthier and happier life!


Our meals are complete and balanced and have been carefully formulated by the world’s leading experts and analysed by qualified, Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists in the US, not only to meet but to exceed NRC (National Research Council), FEDIAF (European Union) and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) requirements for all life stages.

Benefits of Raw
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Shinier, Soft Coat & Healthier Skin
Firmer, Smaller & Less Smelly Stool
Better Muscle tone & joints
Reduced skin & food allergies
Improved Digestion
Stronger Immune System & An Overall Healthier Pet
Fresher Breath & Cleaner, Whiter Teeth.
Meet Frankie and Finnegan my furbabies, they have no been on Furchild for 2 weeks and almost all Frankie's (my girl English Bulldog) skin allergies have cleared up. I am so happy you have no idea. She was so uncomfortable all the time scathing herself raw. She is back to being beautiful again. Thank you.
- Leeanne Fennell
Frankie & Finnegan
Great service and delivery... our 2 puppies love it
- Emer Morrison
Super Long Overdue post ahead: Before Furchild I was doing meal preps and weighing the organs, muscle meat, meaty bones for 2 pups and 1 kit, but it was a time consuming hassle if ever I had to travel and the food ran out or in our case the pups got diarrhea due to a bad batch of goat meat. So I started my search for complete raw meals and dietary supplement for their sensitive tummies and stumbled onto Furchilds website in January 2019. Switched all our 3 Furbabies (Spirit -8yrs Dog, Aqua -7yrs Dog, Cleo -3yrs Cat) to Furchild meals and have never been happier. Cleo being the pickiest eater of them 3 took pretty happily to the meals and treats which came as a surprise to us! Aqua loves food and shedding her coat to tell everyone who visits she lives here but after about 2 weeks of Furchild meals transition she is shedding minimal and her coat looks glossy and healthier than ever. Both Spirit and Aquas eyes look clear and generally they've been much healthier! Spirit the boss Furbaby approved the meals since the 1st day since he can get pretty territorial we were worried raw meals would cause aggressive behavior but he has been exactly the opposite - calmer and the sweetest lapdog since then! Their poop sizes have been way smaller and dry and the water intake has reduced unlike when they were on kibble! The 3PupKiteers await their meal times dearly and gobble up evey last tiny bit of meat on their dishes and look to ask for more hehe! Apart from the meals we love the Himalayan chews and all the wonderful Treats Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp, Green lipped mussels, Venison(Cleos fave), Duck, Lamb, Beef, Quail! We are pretty happy with the delivery providers as well who are very kind and always call ahead to let us know they're arriving! And of course this post isn't complete without mentioning our CRM Sylvia! she is extremely PAWSOME! She has been guiding me throughout the raw journey for the 3PupKiteers giving wonderful advice and tricks for our fussy guy, counting food packs based on their intake and calling up for reminders so we don't run out of food or when we have upcoming deliveries! If not for her we would definitely be pretty lost with our orders! Thank you Sylvia & Thank you Furchild!?
- Shibali Aherkar
Spirit, Aqua and Cleo
After having Voodoo, I was concerned about her diet being aware that kibble isn't healthy for her, so I started searching what would be the best and specie appropriate diet for her. That's when I found out about Furchild. To be honest, I was extremely relieved when I did. From day one, their professionalism, quality of their service/products and of course the amazing staff never let me down. On top of having the shiniest coat :) Voodoo is very healthy, well, she just loves her Furchild meals. I couldn't recommend them enough. Sylvia has been handling our account from day one. She is the friendliest, compassionate and professional person I have ever met. I am sure on top of their products, Furchild should be proud of their employees also. P.S: you should definitely try the freeze-dried treats.
- Mouhcine Oumri
My kittens have never been happier, healthier, and full of energy. their coats are shiny, soft, and silky and both simply purr whenever they can sense I'm about to feed them their Furchild meal - I think it’s one of their most exciting part of the day! The customer service is impeccable, they will ensure you’re giving the right amount to your pets and have it delivered in the time most convenient to you, right to your doorstep. It’s easy and simple, and you can tell how much the cats adore it seeing as they finish it the second they are given it! Highly recommend to anyone who wants their pets to have the best life possible! extremely reasonable, same price as food that you would buy from the shelves!
- Sarah Pasha
Smokey & Furgus
15% Off Meal Plan