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ingredients for your dog!


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ingredients for your cat!


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We treat our pets like family, so why wouldn’t we feed them like family?

Furchild has revolutionised the way we care for our pets with a range of fresh, raw, human-grade and organic pet meals that are optimally balanced and conveniently delivered to your home.

As a pet parent, you can relax with peace of mind, knowing your 'Furchild' is getting the healthiest food and nourishment essential for a longer, healthier and happier life!


Our meals are complete and balanced and have been carefully formulated by the world’s leading experts and analysed by qualified, Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists in the US, not only to meet but to exceed NRC (National Research Council), FEDIAF (European Union) and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) requirements for all life stages.

Benefits of Raw
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Shinier, Soft Coat & Healthier Skin
Firmer, Smaller & Less Smelly Stool
Better Muscle tone & joints
Reduced skin & food allergies
Improved Digestion
Stronger Immune System & An Overall Healthier Pet
Fresher Breath & Cleaner, Whiter Teeth.
My 2 months old rescue kitten Storm who was nearly starved to dead, doubled her weight in just 2 weeks eating Furchild! She's strong, playful and her overall condition improved immensely. My 10 months old cat's coat and general health improved as well. Mist used to vomit sometimes and it all stopped after switching to Furchild. She genuinely seems so much more happy and has lots of energy. Moreover, way less poop and it doesn't smell so bad. I've noticed that my kitties don't have such a bad breath anymore. Thank you Furchild!
- Agga Gharrafi
We feed our English Bulldog and Frenchie Furchild - what a transformation we’ve seen for both of them! The have no tummy problems now, no ear infections, no skin problems at all! They’re the perfect weight for their size too. Before feeding Furchild my Frenchie, in particular, constantly had skin problems - we’d tried shampoos, steroids, creams, nothing helped long term. Changed his food and after a couple of months his skin completely cleared up. My English Bulldog had kidney stones, one of which blocked his urinary tract resulting in emergency surgery. Our previous vet recommended a dry food (that they sold) which was supposed to help. I did my own research and found out the reason Bulldogs suffer from kidney stones is a combination of dry food, not drinking enough water and the hot weather. Since moving to Furchild, I’ve had Wilson’s levels checked twice and he’s not forming kidney stones! Highly recommend for all dogs!
- Linda MIddleton
Winston and Hendrix
Amazing product and impeccable customer service. The food pouches are always delivered promptly and in perfect condition, never have I had to second guess the quality of their products. Furchild has made the process of going 'raw' simple, where I don't have to worry about calculating portion size, supplementing, or messing meal prep. My once podgy pup has lost 4kg since starting his new raw food diet and, is not only back to a healthy weight, but has called a ceasefire on his indiscriminate daily gas-attacks!
- Cassie Ibrahim
It has been close to 2 months since i switched Teddy to Raw food from FURCHILD... and boy how impressed i am ... When they say a happier and healthier pet ... thats not just a marketing slogan ... i witnessed the difference first hand ... At the beginning i was shying away as i thought i would be spending fortunes on Raw which i couldn't afford however i came to realize that it's worth every penny .... Its known that Frenchies Fart and alot however after switching to raw it became so rare close to none . Not to mention the sleep stains under his eyes has disappeared. He is more energetic and healthier ... Thank you FurCHILD
- Kareem Elwy
From the day I began feeding my dogs FURCHILD I noticed an immediate difference. I was concerned of the aspect of feeding them raw food as I wasn’t used to the idea and hoped I had been doing right by just giving them food I cooked for them. The owners and support team at FURCHILD we’re so supportive and provided me all the information I needed to make an informed decision about bettering the lives of my extended family members by changing THE MOST important aspect of them being alive.. their DIET. The most crucial part to extending your best friend’s life simply lies in giving exactly what they need from Mother Nature. Fresh, wholesome , and most importantly a well calculated balanced meal that takes into consideration what they need through every life cycle. THAT, in a nutshell is what FURCHILD does. I truly believe that is one of the main reasons why my special boy Romeo is still with us today even though he came to me in the most deteriorated state. My dogs seem to have more bounce in them and appear to have a different kind of vitality that I haven’t seen before in them. My only regret is not having some this earlier for them, think about, we need to eat fresh wholesome foods in order to function and remain healthy througout our lives, so why shouldn’t they?? Do what’s right for them and as the saying goes , better late than never!
- Debbie Arnett
Romeo, Chachie, Colce, Gemma, Popcord, Dingo, Theo, Rocky, Ella and Charlie and Dolce