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There are many situations in which your cat may not be able to adequately groom themselves – and that’s they need your help to stay comfortable and clean.

To help your kitty maintain a healthy, clean coat, you need an organic shampoo designed specifically for cats – since human and dog shampoos may upset her delicate pH and moisture balance.

Mercola’s Organic Cat Wash is completely non-toxic, with pure, beneficial ingredients perfectly suited for your kitty. In summary, it’s:

  • Gentle, with a nourishing blend of nine feline-friendly botanicals
  • Unscented, since cats don’t like scented products
  • Formulated to rejuvenate and protect skin, plus add moisturizing care for a luxurious coat
  • Mild enough for daily use, plus won’t strip away natural oils or leave residues behind
  • Toxin-free, with no hazardous ingredients, additives, fragrances, or dyes

Shampooing your kitty may also help reduce cat allergies for household members. So, whether you’ve never given your cat a bath, or you’ve been using a different shampoo, we highly recommend you give Mercola’s Organic Cat Wash a try. We assure you it’s the perfect product to give your kitty the safe and beneficial bath they deserve.



“Cats and Baths: An Unlikely Duo – Or Not? Try this New Cat Shampoo”

Not surprisingly, the majority of humans owned by cats wouldn’t dream of giving kitty a bath. After all, cat lovers respect the fact that most felines despise water. And many owners assume their fastidious groomer is perfectly capable of handling his own hair care needs. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

The extent to which your cat can adequately groom herself depends on many things – her health status, lifestyle, and age, as well as the type and texture of her coat.


Wet your cat’s coat thoroughly with warm water. Apply a generous amount of Organic Cat Was from the base of the neck to tail. Avoiding your cat’s face and eyes, work shampoo into a lather. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry cat with a clean towel.


Why Do I Need To Wash My Cat?

Human cat allergies are quite common, whether they be between owner and feline, or visitors to the home and your precious pussycat. Residual saliva and dander in the cat’s fur as well as in the home are the most common sources of such allergies and can be reduced dramatically through periodic grooming and vacuuming of the home and furniture.

How Often Should I Bathe My Cat?

Many cats, especially those with short coats, are good self-groomers and rarely require bathing. However, a bath is appropriate whenever you want your feline friend to be clean and smell fresh.

The frequency will depend on coat length and type, self-grooming behavior, activity level, environment and overall health — less bathing for cats in good health, and more frequent bathing for cats with certain health issues. Pet owners should also be aware that excessive bathing, or use of harsh or drying products can dull the coat and cause dry, flaky and sometimes itchy skin. This is why Furchild has provided you with an All Natural, Organic Cat Wash.

Why Can’t I Use Human Products To Bathe My Cat?

Never use people shampoos on a cat. Some chemicals in shampoos intended for humans are too severe for a cat, despite the gentle-use claims on the bottle label. Pets also have a different pH balance then humans so using a human product can have a negative impact on your pets coat and skin. Avoid pet shampoos that list any of the following as active ingredients:

  • Artificial dyes
  • Parabens
  • Sodium laurel sulphate
  • Petrochemicals

How Do I to Convince My Cat to Take a Bath?

Since your cat spends a large part of their waking hours grooming herself, bathing your cat shouldn’t be an issue most of the time.

However, if your cat gets into something sticky, gets sandy or muddy, or walks on fertilized grass that contains toxic chemicals, you may want her clean sooner than they can do the job themselves. On these occasions, the best strategy is to be gentle and ease them into the water.

Make sure that the water is warm, and don’t use any kind of additives, like bubble bath, to the water. Gently ease them into the water while stroking them and speaking to them softly.

Don’t be surprised if her hair stands on end and the claws come out, however. Unless you have been bathing her since she was a kitten, you may have a hard time getting her to agree to take a bath.

If your cat is dirty or sticky, you might want to try a sponge or cloth bath to get them clean. Use our Organic Cat Wash and apply it to the sponge or cloth. Rub any dirty spots or wipe all over them.

Rinse out the cloth or sponge and gently wipe your cat off with clear water. They will take care of the rest.



This great product is provided via our exclusive partner, Dr. Mercola – Premium Products.

Dr. Mercola founded Mercola.com in 1997 to share the most up to date natural health information and resources with the public. He aims to expose corporate and government fraud and mass media hype that often sends people down the unhealthy path. Mercola.com is now the world’s top natural health resource sites, with over one million subscribers.

At Furchild we work daily to find, source, and develop relationships with the best pet food, care, and welfare specialist around the world. We are thrilled to be a quality partner with Dr. Mercola and we hope that you enjoy this product as we do!

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