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Green Tripe – We call tripe the “super food” for dogs and cats.

This supplemental food is low in fat, while being high in essential fatty acids. It’s a great source of potassium, vitamins, magnesium and a calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1:1, ideal for both dogs and cats. It also contains lactobacillus acidophilus, a valuable pro-biotic that aids in digestion. Tripe smells strong to us, but your pet will love the taste.

Green tripe, as it is known in its raw, natural state, is the stomach lining of ruminant or grazing animals such as cattle, sheep, bison and oxen. Ruminants have unique four-chamber stomachs that utilize a slew of digestive enzymes, amino acids, and gastric juices to break down ingested grasses. The grass is swallowed, not chewed, passed into the first two chambers, is then regurgitated, chewed to combine with saliva and then swallowed a second time where it then heads to the 3rd and 4th stomach chambers and is finally digested.

What does this mean for your dog or cat? It takes energy to digest food. Digestive enzymes make that process easier so less energy is expended and nutrients can be absorbed more fully. So when your dog or cat consumes a bio-available meal such as green tripe, she is also consuming those digestive enzymes and “good” bacteria that help in digestion.

Not only is green tripe rife with nutritional and health benefits it’s also highly palatable to dogs and cats. When you need to get your pet to eat, this is the stuff. Picky eaters rejoice! Whether your pet is a truly finicky, has an upset stomach, or on vet-prescribed medication that is interfering with a normal appetite, tripe should be your number one go-to. Its scent and taste are beloved by all dogs and cats: young or old, big and small, marathoners and couch-potatoes.

Click here to learn more about our Organic & Grass Raised Green Tripe


Organic & Grass Raised Green Tripe – Beef. Responsibly sourced from California, USA.


Some raw food products may contain bacteria that could cause illness to you or the animals you are feeding if mishandled. For your protection follow these instructions:

  1. Keep frozen until ready to use. Thaw in refrigerator or warn water.
  2. Keep raw meat and poultry separate from other foods. Washing working utensils, hands, and any other items that touch or contact raw meat or poultry.
  3. Refrigerate leftovers immediately or discard. After opening use within 48 hours.

Product Reviews

Louise Marshall
, (not set)
I've never seen tripe so dry! You know you're not paying for extra water with this product, my dogs love tripe and I'm really glad to be able to get an organic variety here :)
annalien grobler
, (not set)
Its extremely stinky but my dogs love it!!!
Kim Aguilar
, October 03, 2017
Our dogs LOVE IT & the bad smell is brief - only in the moment from packaging to bowl then into tummy! It's an excellent mix - not too much water, solid green goodness - that we use to supplement the rest of their diet.
Karen Woodley
, (not set)
Barkley loves this! He will eat it on it's own or in a mix with other meats. I don't even want to know what goes into this but if it keeps my puppy happy and healthy then I'm all for it. Furchild, we love you! :-)
Marie Jovydoll Tapia
, June 01, 2019
my little miss picky eater can't resist green tripe. while my baby boy just can't seem to get enough of this green wonder and begs for more. :)
Kylie Pattison
, (not set)
My dog loves tripe. When I’m preparing her dinner she can smell it so she jumps around in excitement
Albert Clement
, March 24, 2020
My Furbaby loves it!! She jumps around with joy when she can smell it :)
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