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Hi Furchild team, I am Milo, I am 7yrs old and I got adopted almost 3 months ago, I was eating raw food since June but I was still very itchy especially my chest and paws. I licked them so much that my blankie in my bed was all wet in the mornings.???? I want to thank you so much for finding such a great nutritious meals for dogs, and for doggies that have many food allergies like me. This has changed my life! I feel so good, I am very athletic and love playing football, my paws are not itchy anymore and my mom said I don’t smell like stinky socks anymore ???? ???? Not sure what she means because socks or shoes smell pretty good to me. Anyways, I wanted to share these pictures with your team to give you some good positive feed back, keep doing what you're doing! Also, I wanted to share what my mom experienced. She used to get itchy like hives and rashes from me. Now it's all gone! So eating the right food has changed how my mom’s skin reacts to my food. I probably had a yeast infection growing on my fur when I was eating processed food. I want all dogs and dog parents to know how good Furchld raw food is!
- Alena Oklahoma
I have three dogs.. and the new addition to the family was a German Shepherd and we tried Furchild. He loves the food and is extremely active after we moved him to Furchild. Overall best choice of dog food available in the market.
- Sachin Laala
Ethan and Leo and Pepper
I started using Furchild about 3 years ago with my golden pup who had serious back leg issues. I can credit his recovery to the fantastic nutrition that he received from Furchild. My newest golden child is now on Furchild and is thriving. From Badger, Sam and myself I would like to extend my gratitude to the entire Furchild team.
- Sean Parker
Badger and Sam
I cannot speak highly enough of Furchild! The quality of the food, delivery or to the amazing customer service.
- Krystl Schoettler
My dog Bruno has been on Furchild for few months now and he is doing very well. Bruno is a French Bulldog, he was farting a lot and now never. He loves his raw food. He has put on the right kind of weight, muscle. I feed him only lamb and duck since he developed an allergy against beef. He enjoys his meals very much. I find the meals complete nutrition. Furchild product portfolio is great, you can choose whatever is right for your dog. Bruno also loves the snacks! His favorite is duck treats. Himalayan Chews are also good if your dog is teething. Delivery is precise and efficient. I am very happy with Furchild, highly recommended.
- Seda Solmaz
All my cats enjoy this product. I noticed they became healthier and they also love their treats.
- Fahad FAD
Armani, Marble, Tiffany and Cookie and Donatella
With 'furchild' Prince, my little buddy has been very happy. He used to scratch himself a lot but raw diet somehow stopped that. I do recommend furchild to all the pet owners I meet. Their service is also very good. Special thanks to Sylvia she is great in helping with the diet.
- Shashank Kumar
First class experience. Great product. Our contact Sylvia is excellent and always quick to respond. Couldn't ask for more. Highly recommended!
- Eman B
Since I started my fur babies on Furchild raw food I’ve seen a big increase in both my pets health! More shiny coats, more energy and their stools are so much smaller and easier to pick up! Every meal time they soo excited to eat and with so much variety they get a new exciting meal every day.
- Kyle Mueller
Mocha and Honey
Furchild have an amazing range of raw food for my two dogs, from complete meals to treats and toppers. Their coats and general health has never been better. The service is always amazing and delivery's have always been on time. The best for raw feeding in the UAE.
- Kerry Macfarlane
Buddy and Louis
Simply the best... I am dealing with Furchild for almost 2 years now. I can simply say they are the best in town. Not only they provide quality products, they also simply show care towards your pet. The healthiest choice for your furry friend....
- Kareem Amr
We started last week and are very much happy feeding Furchild meals to our 2 Bulldogs Harvey and Daphne and our Toy Poodle Kenji. They absolutely love it! As soon as I open their meal pack to transfer it to their bowl, our dogs gather around and patiently wait for feeding time. Nothing is more satisfying seeing them eat delicious and healthy food!!
- Eric Martinez
Harvey and Kenji and Daphne
Great quality food for our dog, after we've changed to a Furchild diet, we've noticed the coat of our dog ???? to look a lot better! Can highly recommend them!
- Patrick Pereira
Professional staff, and superb quality of food that my cats and dogs really love. Especially Furchild’s Green Tripe, which I find to be of superior quality and better than other similar products I have seen elsewhere.
- Roni Hawi
Cindy, Nina, Mowgli, Akiko and Najem & Raya
I started feeding my husky cross Furchild in an attempt to calm the many allergic responses he was experiencing, despite feeding him high-end hypoallergenic commercial dog food. (He was suffering from recurring chronic ear infections and itchy/ bumpy skin issues.) Within a matter of weeks these issues went away, and they only recur now if I go 'off plan' with his diet, so I am convinced that a largely raw food diet has helped him. I do often supplement his meals with a little plain cooked meat as it helps alleviate the boredom that I see creeping in occasionally with such a repetitive diet, but we have found the balance that works for us. Yes, it is a more expensive way to feed my dog but we are saving on the vet bills and his distress at the symptoms so it is worth it. The team are great and highly responsive too. I'm a happy customer. Thank you Furchild!
- Sarah Bartlett
Sylvia and the team at Furchild have been amazing in helping me transition my 3 dogs onto Raw food. The results have been amazing for my dogs helping with their sensitive skin, lose weight and get into shape and made them very happy and active. Could not recommend them enough!
- Mohamed Al Hadhrami
Castra and Pedro and Gizmo
Furchild offers the best nutrition for our three dogs (two Poms and a Japanese Spitz), and all three of them love every bite!
- Katy Fisher
Jordy and Bear and Louis
We have been using Furchild Pet Nutrition now for a couple of years, to feed our Golden Retriever Fur Babies (Fozzie & Bunsen). We used to feed them on dry food (Kibble) and had so many gastro issues. But since we have been feeding them on a raw food diet, plus freeze dried treats. We have have 2 very healthy boys. Besides the food, Furchild provide excellent customer service and delivery (both Home and when we have boarded our boys).
- Dan Marsh
Fozzie and Bunsen
I order all Rocky's food and treats from Furchild and his health has improved a lot along with his activity. He loves his food and treats and eats his food in one sitting as soon as i put it out for him. In the past, with the dry food, it use to stay on his plate for hours and the whole house use to smell like dog food and it just goes to show how much he loves his food. Delivery is also great and they are flexible with the hours. Very happy i switched Rocky to Furchild and i would never give him anything else.
- Bassel Atab
My dog loves the food. He was a picky eater and would never want to eat his food. With Furchild, he is always excited for his next meal. Also, his weight is perfectly mainted and healthier than ever. Could not recommend this place enough!
- Rashad Merhi

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