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What Is Raw Dog Food & Its Benefits? Where Does It Come From?

What Is Raw Dog Food & Its Benefits? Where Does It Come From?

When it comes to raw dog food, many of us have little to no idea. Or perhaps you are on your learning journey of raw feeding and its benefits.

In either case, we admire the passion you have - to offer the best food for your dog. And we want to help you with it. Having that said, let us begin.

So, What is Raw Dog Food?

A bowl of raw dog meal including meat and fresh vegetation

Raw dog food is simply unadulterated food that has not been subjected to any heat whatsoever. It consists primarily of:

  • muscle meat,
  • organ meat,
  • supplements,
  • raw meaty bones, and
  • vegetables and fruits.

Most raw dog food recipes are protein-rich, moderate in fat, and contain low amounts of carbohydrates.

There is another form of raw diet called BARF.

B.A.R.F. is abbreviated (shortened) for ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’. ‘The principle is to feed dogs the diet they evolved to eat—a raw diet composed of meats and greens that are fresh, uncooked and wild.’ [Esteemed Veterinarian and Nutritionist, Dr Ian Billinghurst.]

It is also important to note, that all raw dog food is not created equally.

Factors such as quality and sourcing of ingredients, and the nutritional balance of a diet will determine the health benefits for your dog.

Benefits of Feeding Raw

Starting with Furchild Meals that are complete and balanced, the first benefit you could notice would be your dogs’ stools getting harder, smaller, less smelly, and easier to scoop up.

If that’s not already enough for you to make the switch, here are a few more benefits your dogs will enjoy with our meals.

And as you keep progressing, over a month, you start to see your dogs’ health increasingly improve with…

  • their coats getting smoother and glossier,
  • stronger immune systems and lower chances of cancer,
  • cleaner, whiter, and stronger teeth and gums,
  • improved digestion and reduced anal sac problems,
  • allergy relief, reduction, or eradication, and
  • lesser diseases, lesser vet visits, and lesser bills.

A dog highlighted and marked with benefits of eating raw dog food

Now that we understand what raw dog food is and its benefits, let us shed some light on the roots of raw feeding and the widely asked question…

Where does Raw Dog Food Come From?

Earlier in the days, more like 100 years ago, what was the diet of a dog?

Kibbles or biscuits, canned food, or the meat of prey animals or remaining carcasses found in their natural environment?

The answer is pretty straightforward, and to add more to it, let us also break it to you, the commercial pet food industry is not even 90 years old.

Before that, all dogs lived naturally and ate natural, fresh (raw) foods. There was no concept of processed food. Since dogs were scavengers and hunters, they had to eat from what was available - raw meat, organ meat, and meaty bones.

And by introducing raw dog food to your furry companion, we are just following and trying to get dogs back to their age-old biological requirements of eating real, raw foods. Raw diets are inspired by the Ancestral Diet of canines and aim to make dogs healthier like their predecessors were.

Your Dog's Ancestral Diet

The Ancestral Diet refers to the raw food dogs ate before the evolution of the pet food industry.

Comparing the energy sources of nutrition of the Ancestral Diet and commercially processed dog food educates us about the nutritional imbalance of dry and canned pet foods, and allows us to choose the right foods for our dogs.

The three components (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) source the energy (that we measure in calories) for the day-to-day activities of our dogs.

Following the pie charts and their percentages shown below would enlighten you about the deficit of nutritional compounds in today’s processed dog food vs the raw food dogs ate a century ago.

Ancestral Diet

Typical dry dog food

Furchild Raw Meals

With the graphical representations provided, we have made it easy and digestible for you to see one of the many gaps between the Ancestral Diet and processed dog food.

  • From the numbers, it is clear that processed dog food lacks high-quality proteins and serves exceeding amounts of carbohydrates than the required quantity, increasing the chances of health ailments in dogs.
  • On the other hand, Furchild Menu Offerings (our raw dog food), follows the principles of the Ancestral Diet. We work with the leading pet health experts to use advanced science and research to ensure each recipe offering is complete and balanced and formulated to meet the requirements of high-quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates of the Ancestral Diet.

Make the Switch to Raw?

Dogs are meat-eaters and their natural diet should consist primarily of high-quality and easily digestible meat-based protein, and not carbohydrates, plant-based protein sources, or “meat by-products”.

Most dry processed foods are loaded with carbohydrates and starchy vegetables or grains which are very cheap but lead to health problems like obesity, high blood sugar, etc. Moreover, raw dog food is grain-free, gluten-free, and rich in moisture which ensures that dogs are well-hydrated.

Another concern with dry food is the process of manufacturing dry food. 95% of dry food companies use the method of extrusion to make their dog food. In this process, food is subjected to very high temperatures (nearly 400 C) for a short time (approximately 5 minutes).

It results in the physical and chemical components of the food changing. In terms of nutritional value, it means loss of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.

Fresh raw dog food and little vegetation provide important water-soluble vitamins and minerals and improve their immune system and their capabilities to fight diseases. Moreover, such a dietary change has the potential to eventually increase their lifespan by up to 3 years (LippertSapy Report). And as pet parents, we know and understand how every single day spent with our furry family members counts!

How to Make the Switch to Raw Dog Food?

The ‘pawsitive’ improvements you are seeking in the health of your dogs are much attainable. And reading so far, you are doing great! Let us further help you ease the process of transitioning to raw dog food.

You can choose to feed 100% Furchild Meals, 50% Furchild Meals, or incorporate them as meal toppers or treats. The more amount you can incorporate into the bowl, the better the health results for your dog.

For most dogs, it’s advisable to switch your dog’s food gradually over one week to ten days allowing their digestive systems to adjust accordingly.

Most pet parents prefer to take advantage of our free nutritional support and guidance with a one-on-one dedicated pet food advisor when switching to raw. This is especially recommended for dogs with sensitive stomachs, health concerns, or specific health goals.

You can choose to sign up for a complete guide with step-by-step processes on transitioning to raw dog food or speak to a qualified pet food advisor today.

Unique to Furchild, we are truly passionate about empowering pet parents with the right knowledge to make the right decisions for their dog's health. There is no question too little or too detailed. We would love to answer them all, just for our common love for dogs.

Something to Keep in Mind

Once you begin with Furchild Meals, you would start to see the healing process in your dog in a couple of weeks, although pet parents have reported improvements within as little as one meal.

With a holistic approach to balanced nutrition, your dogs’ immune systems get stronger and start to heal themselves from the inside. As they say, a healthy outside starts from the inside.

For further details into the healing process and the transition to raw dog food, our team of qualified Pet Food Advisors would guide you through it.

If you are new to raw feeding, our Furchild Raw Starter Kit would be the support you might be looking for. And if you are still reading this, we hope you have found the value above. And if you did we want you to know that NOW is the best time to make the transition for your dog!

To make the first step easier for you, we want you to know that we have served millions of raw dog food meals, earned hundreds of successful testimonials, won awards, and changed the quality of life for many dogs with transformative results.

We can guarantee you that this switch is so much more than a diet. Rather a switch of lifestyle - a lifestyle that propels your dog towards gaining a longer, and more vibrant life!

Jan 2023

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