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The Benefits of Duck for Dogs

By Katherine Cebrowski on July 11, 2018
The Benefits of Duck for Dogs

More and more pet parents are looking to add Furchild’s Duck and Organic Veg recipe to their dog’s diet. Why? In addition to adding variety, Duck is a common solution to food allergies and sensitivities as well as many other health benefits.

Here are 4 reasons why you should add our Duck & Organic Veg recipe or Duck Necks to your dog’s diet.

1. Nutritional Benefits

Duck is a great source of protein low in saturated fat, is a rich source of most B vitamins and also has useful amounts of phosphorous and potassium.

Duck is an excellent source of cancer-protective B Vitamins. Niacin (Vitamin B3) aids in controlling glucose levels in the body as well as converting protein, fat and carbohydrates into usable energy. Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) supports energy metabolism and cardiovascular health.

Duck contains zinc and selenium, antioxidants that help boost the immune system. Selenium also helps maintain normal thyroid function.

Duck’s content of omega-3 fatty acids helps provide your dog with a healthy skin and coat.

Since Duck is a protein source that is naturally higher in fat, it is excellent for energetic dogs and pets wanting to gain weight. If your dog is overweight or has a history of pancreatitis, Duck should be fed in moderation.

2. A Cooling Food

In Chinese medicine Duck is considered a "Yin” food. “Yin” represents the concepts of cooling, fluids, quietness, and passive behavior as opposed to “Yang” which represents the concepts of heat, inflammation, outward energy, and aggressive behavior.

Many holistic veterinarians recommend adding “cooling foods” such as Duck to pets with inflammatory conditions such as allergies, arthritis and cancer.

3. Food Allergies

Duck is a novel protein and a good alternative for dogs that are food sensitive to Chicken or Beef. Feeding an elimination trial of Duck proteins (as well as lamb and other novelty proteins which we hope to introduce in the near future) is often recommended along with a food allergy test. However, this test can be quite expensive and the information gained is not always worth the effort or expense.

For elimination diets and pets suffering food intolerances or allergies, it is important to use high-quality meat, sourced from a trustworthy, uncontaminated source.

4. Variety

Variety is the spice of life and the key to optimal nutrition! In addition to exciting your dog’s taste buds, feeding a variety of Furchild meals helps to improve your pet’s overall nutrition. Read more about why you should Rotate Proteins here.

The best dogs deserve the best ingredients!

Furchild uses only high-quality, human-grade meats. Our Duck is imported from France; is cage free; and has never been given any hormones, steroids or antibiotics!

In combination with our variety of Organic Vegetables that provide important fiber, minerals and vitamins, Organic Oils and Trace Minerals and Vitamins, you’re dog is getting the best nutrition they rightfully deserve.

We also offer raw Duck Necks, frozen and vacuum sealed in bags. A perfect meaty treat or whole meal replacement for pets depending on their size. Duck Necks provide superior levels of amino acids, essential fatty acids and trace minerals, raw necks are classed as edible bones due to them being soft, pliable and easily crushed.

Written by...

Katherine Cebrowski
Katherine Cebrowski
Co-Founder and Owner - An accomplished event promoter, airline professional, vegetarian, yoga instructor and English Bulldog owner she works each day to bring out the best in people and their pets.
Katherine Cebrowski

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