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We Welcome James Pendergast to the Team

By Robert Kelly on May 16, 2019
We Welcome James Pendergast to the Team

FURCHILD is thrilled to welcome James Pendergast to the team!

James is one of the pioneers and leaders in the raw pet food world, having worked over 13 years for one of the leading raw pet food companies in the US as the Product Formulator & Veterinary Director.

James joins us as our Chief Formulations & Safety Officer.

In a world full of opinions on the subject of raw pet food, James brings with him unparalleled and professional raw pet food formulation experience, research and proven results.

Like FURCHILD, James is cutting edge in his approach and pushes the boundaries when it comes to optimal pet nutrition.

James works with the best of the best including Dr. Barbara Royal and Dr. Karen Becker in formulating some of the most groundbreaking raw pet food recipes out there. With James as part of the team, FURCHILD will continue to set the standard in responsible, safe, complete and balanced fresh pet food.

What we have planned is truly mind-blowing!

On a personal note, James and I met through our mentor, Steve Brown, some four years ago. James has also worked with Steve for well over a decade! If you don’t know who Steve Brown is (Hi Steve!), he is the Godfather of complete and balanced raw pet food in the USA. Steve created the first commercial raw pet food company, Steve’s Real Food, and is the author of The Ancestral Diet, which greatly impacted the course of FURCHILD to this day! It is through Steve’s proprietary software that our relationship with James began.

So, I could not be prouder to welcome James, an exceptional human being, pet parent, and friend to the team. His wisdom and passion for the health and well-being of our pets are unmatched.

As FURCHILD strives to become the beacon of Fresh Pet Food Producers in the world, the addition of James Pendergast to the team will bring us that step closer!

Thank you, James, for believing in our quality, for bringing us your talent, your ethics and your vision of a better future together... at FURCHILD!

As always, WATCH. THIS. SPACE.

- Rob Kelly, Founder & CEO of FURCHILD

Written by...

Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly
Co-Founder and Owner - Entrepreneur, Animal Advocate, F&B Specialist, and Raw Nutrition Expert! Crazy about Bulldogs, SA Springboks and living in Dubai.
Robert Kelly

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