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Is it Okay to Use Vaseline for a Dog’s Nose? Snout Soother Vs. Vaseline.

By Natural Dog Company on March 12, 2018
Is it Okay to Use Vaseline for a Dog’s Nose? Snout Soother Vs. Vaseline.

You should not use Vaseline on your dog’s nose because it can be toxic.

Vaseline isn’t necessarily a death sentence in small doses, but if dogs ingest too much petroleum jelly it can cause an upset stomach and diarrhea. Putting petroleum jelly on your dog’s nose makes it even more likely to end up in your dog’s tummy.

Common Reasons People Use Vaseline for Dog’s Nose:

  • Dry nose
  • Cracked or peeling nose
  • Hyperkeratosis of the nose

Warning: Vaseline Can Cause Lipoid Pneumonia

Prolonged exposure to Vaseline puts your dog at risk for additional issues due to a buildup of toxins in the body. There are documented examples of lipoid pneumonia caused by Vaseline. While somewhat rare, it is a serious condition that impacts the lungs following prolonged exposure to fat-based substances like petroleum jelly.

So, what should you put on your dog’s dry or cracked nose?

There’s a far safer and more effective option than Vaseline to treat all the above and more. Meet Snout Soother, the all-natural dog nose balm specially formulated to soothe, heal and prevent some of the most common dog nose problems, from dry noses to discoid lupus.

Vaseline for dog’s nose vs. Snout Soother

Snout Soother does NOT contain Vaseline. The only thing it has in common with Vaseline is that dog owners often turn to it when their dog has a dry, crusty or cracked nose. BUT, unlike Vaseline, Snout Soother is 100% natural, safe, and effective. Below you can see 5 things that set Snout Soother apart from Vaseline for dog’s noses.

1. Vaseline is a synthetic product. Vs. Snout Soother is made from all-natural and organic ingredients.

2. Vaseline cannot cure yeast or fungal growth, although it can cause bacteria to grow because of its tendency to clog pours and lock in oils + dirt. Vs. Snout Soother is a breathable balm that contains a variety of anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

3. Vaseline does not cure dry dog noses. Vs. Snout Soother heals dry dog noses every doggone day!

4. Vaseline is not safe to ingest and can cause upset stomach, diarrhea, and even lipoid pneumonia. Vs. Snout Soother is 100% safe to ingest. The all-natural ingredients are just as good for your dog’s insides!

5. Vaseline does not add moisture to your dog’s nose, it simply seals in any existing moisture. Vs. Snout Soother is specially formulated to add moisture while sealing in existing moisture as well.

Snout Soother success stories

"I recently noticed that my 11 year old RottenRetriever, (he is a Rottweiler, Black Lab Mix) at the end of his nose looked brown and felt dry. I attempted to wash it off thinking it was dirt, but discovered it wasn’t. Maybe it was due to the cold dry weather, I thought, that it would go away as soon as the weather warmed up and there was more humidity in the air…but still no change. His nose looked gross and was g

etting worse. I started a search on the internet and found Natural Dog and read all the testimonies of users of Snout Soother. I quickly placed an order. I have only been using Snout Soother for three days and I am amazed at the results! I noticed quite an improvement after 3 applications on the first day! Bob lays on the rug and readily lets me apply it to his nose." - Jessica

"The changes were amazing. We adopted Helga, a 7 year old Frenchie, in Dec 2017. She had a very rough, dry, cracked nose. We saw your products online and decided to give it a try. We started using the Snout Soother that day and used it 2-3 times per day throughout the week. The nose started to change the first day. After just 5 days the nose was completely different – healthy and shiny. The changes were amazing. Helga loves it (she gets excited when she sees us pick up the tin and sits and lets us apply it easily, it seems like it feels good to her). We also used it on our Boxer, Sonny, who had a deep crack on one side – after 5 days there is healthy pink skin where the crack was. Both dogs love it being applied. I cannot say enough good things about this product. And I love that it is a vegan natural product. Thank you sooo much!!” - Laura

"We literally tried everything and it didn’t work! As you can probably tell, we gave up trying — mainly because it was too painful keep trying keep his nose clean. We love him dearly but he’s very stubborn when it comes to any kind of care. It was beyond anything we could do until we found your incredible Snout Soother. Thank you so much!!! - Mark

Treat and heal your dog's nose, naturally!

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Written by...

Natural Dog Company
Natural Dog Company
Natural Dog Company is a award winning company that provides healing solutions that are natural and effective. The only ingredients to touch your pet’s coat and skin should be organic, non-toxic, and as gentle as possible.

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