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Himalayan Chews – How Are They Made?

Himalayan Chews – How Are They Made?

We introduced Himalayan Chews to provide high-quality chews that are convenient to use, healthy and irresistible to pets!

Read below about how their ancient recipe was passed down over generations to become a popular food enjoyed by both humans and pets.

What is it?

Himalayan Chews are hard cheese that is all-natural, and contains no chemicals, no preservatives, and no additives. Our Chew is a Yak and Cow milk-based hard cheese that is a favorite for dogs. The cheesy flavor and its hard texture make it a long-lasting treat.

Made with only Four 100% Natural Ingredients

Our Himalayan Chews are a high source of protein made using only four high-quality natural ingredients: Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Himalayan Salt, and Lime.

In a process that lasts almost four months, each batch of Chews has the nutrition received from milk over twenty-five times its weight! The slow production gives this product its unique combination of smoky and tangy flavors that will make your dog’s tail wag with joy!

Made using Traditional Farming Methods

Our Himalayan Chews are more than a tasty treat, they provide a livelihood to farmers in rural Nepalese communities.

The Yak and Cow milk produced in the regions of Nepal, usually at or above 15 000 feet, cannot all be consumed locally. Due to a lack of modern storage technologies, the people who keep Yak and Cow herds use this ancient recipe with the intent to store this precious nutrient. In the local language, it is referred to as a “Durkha” meaning Milk Cake, and it is also commonly called by its Tibetan name, “Chhurpi”.

The mixture of Yak and Cow milk is first boiled; then poured into a manual churning barrel that extracts most of the fat.

The coagulated mixture is then poured into a sieve so that solid material used to make the cheese can be separated from the whey. Most of the lactose from the milk is transferred into the whey. The resulting cheese has little lactose.

The solid is then transferred to burlap sacks where any remaining whey residue and water is drained. The soft cheese is then kneaded until the substance is finely blended; then hand cut into desired pieces; or put into molds of different shapes and sizes. The cheese is then dried to reach the desired hardness and texture.

A trace amount of lime juice diluted in water is used to clean the dried pieces.

Due to the handmade approach through every step of the process, it is not uncommon for the end product to have a slightly different shape or tint than the next one.

Supporting the Livelihood of Himalayan Farmers

We are proud to know that our Beyond Fair Trade policy supports and enhances the livelihood of farmers and their families in the remote mountain regions of Nepal and the city of Kathmandu. By purchasing direct from local businesses we help to make extra money available to the farmers which in turn allows them to access services they otherwise could not afford.

Yaks and Cows are treated with Honor.

The Yaks and Cows are treated humanely and traditionally raised in sheds. No modern equipment or techniques are used in raising or milking the animals. They graze on open grasslands or are brought fresh cut grass by farmers, and have not been introduced to hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals.

Yaks and Cows are considered to be sacred life-givers and are directly responsible for the improved economic situation of a Nepalese family.

At Furchild our passion for what we do goes beyond providing tasty treats. We are forging long term relationships that contribute directly to the livelihood of communities. At the same time, we are promoting pet health and enjoyment.

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Aug 2018

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