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Dr. Mercola Joint Support for Pets Products and Knowledge

Dr. Mercola Joint Support for Pets Products and Knowledge

"The Easy Way to Help Support Flexibility and Movement"

Nearly 1 in 3 cats over the age of 8 could use extra support to help promote joint comfort... 1 out of 5 dogs, especially larger breed dogs, can also benefit from joint support. Now there's NEW hope for your pet.

Ask any pet owner what he enjoys most about his relationship with his pet and you’re likely to hear things like... “We love to play and do things together...” or “She follows me around the house and keeps me company.”

And judging by the number of YouTube videos people post online to show off their pets' entertaining antics, it's clear that adoring owners spend countless hours watching their companion animals at play.

As you watch your pet move, have you ever wondered whether a supplement might help support her healthy joints?

Joint comfort and flexible movement tend to be things we don't think about often. Many believe their pet needs support for flexibility and comfort only when reaching the later years of life.

You may be surprised to find out that it isn't totally true. Some of the latest research findings paint a different picture...

Need for Joint Support Can Occur Sooner Than You Think

Your pet can benefit from support long before he or she is "old."

Newer research tells us that nearly 1 in 3 cats over the age of 8 could use support for joint function and comfort.

And 1 in 5 dogs, especially larger breed dogs, could use support for optimal hip and joint health throughout life, too.

The surprising thing with dogs is that we now know they may need support way before their senior years.

If you have a dog or cat in need of joint support, you want to help your dear pet maintain his health.

Even a kitty as young as 8 or a pup just reaching his prime could benefit from support for optimal hip and joint function.

But in just a minute, I'll reveal how you can provide your pet with what I consider to be one of his best chances at comfortable and healthy joint function.

Your pet may benefit from additional support...

Does Your Pet Have Less-Than-Optimal Hip and Joint Health?

How can you tell if your pet has a less-than-optimal hip and joint function?

Obviously, he can't tell you.

What You Can Do to Help Support Optimal Hip and Joint Function

There are a number of things you can do to help improve function and to promote joint comfort in your pet.

Using Diet to Provide the Best Joint Support for Your Pet

There's nothing like natural species-specific foods prepared right in your own kitchen to give your pet his or her best chance at maintaining healthy joints and cartilage.

And now it's a breeze with the book, Dr. Becker's Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats.

In this newly revised edition, you'll find easy-to-follow recipes and everything you need to know to prepare fresh, wholesome food for your pet.

Each recipe is based on your pet's ancestral diet and meets NRC and AAFCO nutritional guidelines, so you know you're feeding the healthiest of foods.

Give your pet the gift of healthy homemade food and the diet nature designed exclusively for them.

  1. Help your pet maintain a normal body weight. Keeping your pet trim helps take excess stress off her joints.
  2. Provide a warm, cushioned place for your pet to sleep and rest, such as a bed, couch, or padded windowsill (make sure the screen is secure).
  3. At-home massage may help (make sure you have step-by-step, detailed instructions from your pet's veterinarian on how to safely give your pet a massage).
  4. Try stretching your pet gently, especially older pets and working dogs (again, make sure you have step-by-step, detailed instructions from the vet on how to safely stretch your pet).
  5. With your veterinarian's approval, encourage appropriate exercise to help maintain healthy muscle mass and joint flexibility.
  6. Feed your pet a species-specific diet to help maintain a normal body weight and optimal level of health.
  7. Visit your veterinarian at least once a year (preferably twice) for wellness checkups.
  8. Give your pet healthy cartilage-supporting supplements to promote and protect the hip and joint function and health.

Using Cartilage-Supporting Agents to Promote and Protect Joint Health and Function

Could your kitty benefit from a joint support supplement?

Cartilage-supporting agents are nutraceuticals, or nutrients used to support or help maintain hip and joint health.

How do they work? Cartilage-supporting agents help promote cartilage health in your cat or dog as he ages.

Cartilage is a firm elastic living tissue that lines the 2 bone surfaces in a healthy joint.

Cartilage cells produce long-chain molecules called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). When they combine with water, they provide cushioning to help protect your pet's bones during movement and exercise.

The most common GAG is chondroitin sulfate, a joint support ingredient I'm sure you're familiar with. Chondroitin is naturally present in healthy connective tissue and cartilage.

Another GAG naturally found in normal cartilage is hyaluronic acid. This one helps cartilage maintain its flexibility, elasticity, and strength.

What's so unique about cartilage is this:

  • It has no blood or nerve supply so it can't survive on its own.
  • It must get all its nutrition and oxygen from bone and joint fluid.

Over time, cartilage may begin to lose water and become dry and less elastic. Joint fluid production may decrease.

Cartilage can benefit from supplementation, which may help:

  1. Support a healthy range of motion
  2. Support delivery of nutrients to cartilage and soft tissue in and around the joint

Depending on the age of your pet, he may benefit from a supplement to help maintain optimal joint function.

As Your Pet Ages, It Gets Tougher to Replace Lost Cartilage

As your pet ages, his natural production of GAGs slows.

With advancing age, your pet's natural production of GAGs slows.

And his or her body may not be able to replace lost cartilage fast enough to maintain optimal hip and joint health.

This is where cartilage-supporting agents (CPAs) may help.

They can help maintain the health of cartilage cells.

In fact, CPAs can potentially improve joint function and performance.

The Pets Who May Benefit from CPAs

Even certain puppies can benefit from CPAs.

I think by now you can see how cartilage-supporting agents can help support your pet's cartilage and joints.

So, who may benefit from using CPAs?

  • Aging pets (both cats and dogs) to help promote healthy cartilage and joint function
  • Puppies and young dogs of large breeds

Why CPAs May Be a Better Choice for Your Pet

Other products...

  • May not help promote joint comfort
  • May not help promote healthy cartilage

I recommend using CPAs for your pet as an alternative for promoting healthy hip and joint comfort and function.

Which CPAs Should You Choose for Your Pet?

Since joint health is a major concern among many pet owners, I'm often asked to recommend a joint support supplement for pets. Up until now, it's been a challenge to find one I really like.

That's why I'm excited to offer Mercola Healthy Pets' Joint Support for Pets.

Joint Support for Pets has been formulated exclusively for Mercola Healthy Pets to contain not just 1 or 2, but 7 active joint health ingredients.

As a veterinarian, I'm impressed with this formulation - it's the most complete collection of joint support nutrients I've seen.

Plus, you'll find that it includes some exciting ingredients, too, that aren't available on store shelves.

Ingredients like BiovaPlex™... Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO)... and Collagen Type II.

From the Barnyard-Nature's Gift for Your Pet's Healthy Joints

BiovaPlex™ is a proprietary, all-natural ingredient derived from natural eggshell membrane - that protective barrier that remains in the shells of broken eggs.

Nature’s own “formulation” of joint nutrients, BiovaPlex™ is the first and only water-soluble eggshell membrane ingredient made in the USA.

Rich in elastin, collagens, and glycosaminoglycans, such as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, BiovaPlex™ supports the stability and flexibility of your pet's joints, as well as the skin and coat.

Canine research on BiovaPlex™ has shown promising results. In one study of 57 dogs, positive changes were seen in only 7 days of use.

By the end of the 28-day study, all the dogs showed increased activity and mobility. Many pet owners noticed a difference.

What Makes Eggshell Membrane Unique

Broken eggshells with “joint nutritional powerhouse” membrane intact

What's so special about the eggshell membrane? It contains a number of natural substances including:

  • Collagen - A fibrous protein that supports cartilage and connective tissue strength and elasticity.
  • Elastin - A protein that supports skin, cardiovascular, cartilage, and spinal health. Elastin gives the tissue its elastic tension and ability to resume its shape after stretching.
  • Desmosine and isodesmosine - Two little-known amino acids responsible for elastin’s elastic or “rubbery” properties.
  • Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) - Includes glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid - vital polysaccharides that are structural components of connective tissue, interstitial fluids, and skeletal structure.
  • Transforming growth factor-b - A protein that plays a crucial role in cellular differentiation and immune function.

In my opinion, using the eggshell membrane is a no-brainer. When you have a terrific natural source of what I consider to be the 3 best glycosaminoglycans - glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid -why settle for separate, isolated nutrients?

‘Green’ and Eco-Friendly, Too

What’s more, BiovaPlex™ originates from a “green” and eco-friendly industry. The eggshell membrane is harvested from “egg-breaking” facilities - from a product that would normally be discarded.

Using an all-natural, patented process, the eggshells and their attached membranes are separated from each other. The concentrated membrane is then processed utilizing a proprietary patent-pending Hydro5™ process that makes the eggshell membrane’s nutritional components more bioavailable.

CMO and Collagen Type II - Two More Super-Ingredients for Your Pet's Joint Health

Cetyl Myristoleate, or CMO for short, is a potent joint lubricant. By keeping joints lubricated, wear and tear takes less of a toll on joints.

You can help maintain a wider range of motion and promote comfort in your pet. Plus, nutrients can better reach the cartilage and soft tissue and nourish your pet's joints.

The Cetyl Myristoleate Complex found in Joint Support for Pets is the result of years of clinical research and the exploration of raw materials and preparation techniques. This unique complex contains a bioavailable, high concentration of Cetyl Myristoleate.

The CMO in our formulation appears to function in at least four different ways:

  1. Its lubricating qualities begin to work soon after starting use
  2. Results can be seen within 2 to 3 weeks
  3. Promotes a normal, healthy immune response
  4. Promotes comfortable movement

Collagen Type II comes from chicken cartilage and contains the greatest number of joint supporting proteoglycans of all the forms of collagen.

Creating a fibrillar network of collagen allows the cartilage to entrap the proteoglycans and provide tensile strength to the surrounding tissue.

Green-Lipped Mussel to Benefit Joint Mobility*

Perna canaliculus, or the Green-Lipped Mussel, is a bivalve mollusk native to New Zealand. It has been added to aid in maintaining a normal inflammatory response.

Other benefits include:

  • Joint mobility support*
  • Rich source of omega fatty acids, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes

All in all, this ingredient supports not only healthy joints for your pet, but also a healthy immune system.*

For an Added Measure of Comfort, We've Added MSM, Bromelain, and Vitamin C

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) provides 2 essential substances:

  • Sulfur – a vital building block of your pet's joints, cartilage, nerve tissue, skin, hair and nails, and...
  • Methyl groups – which support many vital biochemical processes in your pet's body, including energy production

MSM is a naturally occurring nutrient found in many foods in very small amounts. Published research shows MSM to be safe and effective in promoting joint comfort and supporting a normal range of motion in animals.

The sulfur in MSM helps promote flexibility and elasticity of body tissue and helps maintain cell membrane permeability. MSM also acts as a powerful antioxidant, scavenging free radicals and aiding in muscle function and joint fluid production.

Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme from fresh pineapple. It helps naturally promote a normal immune response in humans and animals.

And last, but not least, we've added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - a powerful antioxidant to help reduce free radical production. Because it's pH balanced, it's gentle on your pet's stomach.

Joint Support for Pets – 7 Active Ingredients for Comfortable Movement and Healthy Joint Function

Help keep your pet moving with ease. To summarize, here's what you'll find in Joint Support for Pets:

  • BiovaPlex™
  • CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate)
  • MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)
  • Collagen Type II
  • Vitamin C
  • Bromelain (from fresh pineapple)
  • Green-Lipped Mussel

Complete with quality whey protein and beef liver powder, our formula comes in a delicious chewable tablet that dogs and cats love.

The 3 top reasons why I recommend Joint Support for Pets to my clients and readers are:

  • It works.
  • The 7 active ingredients work to lubricate and nourish joints, and provide needed nutrients to the collagen.
  • It's a great value.
  • If you were to purchase each of these ingredients separately, you could easily spend over $100 a month to get the same results.
  • It's convenient and easy to give.

Plus, There's Nothing Artificial Here...

Just as importantly, I also like what's NOT in this product...

  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • No fillers, no steroids - just all-natural ingredients

Plus we are not aware of any harmful side effects! The built-in digestive enzyme blend is an added plus to help your pet benefit from these exceptional ingredients.

Joint Support for Pets...

  • Improves joint function and movement
  • Supports comfortable, healthy joints
  • Nourishes joints
  • Supports healthy cartilage
  • Stimulates joint lubrication fluid production
  • Enhances mobility

It's almost like giving your pet a gift!

Dr. Mercola Pet Products
Aug 2017
Dr. Mercola Pet Products

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