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6 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Eat Ostrich

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Eat Ostrich

Raw Ostrich: A Better Option for Your Dog?

Ostrich is a delicious healthy red meat alternative with all the texture and hearty flavor of beef.

Extremely high in protein, low in fat, calories, and cholesterol but high in iron, and easy to digest, it’s no wonder ostrich meat is increasingly being recommended by medical practitioners and dieticians for humans and pets.

Here are six reasons why you should incorporate our ethically sourced Free-Range Ostrich & Organic Vegetables Meals for Dogs recipe into your dog’s regular feeding regime.

1. Rare Protein

Ostrich is a very rare protein source (‘novel protein’) – that is why there are hardly any allergies known against Ostrich - which makes it ideal for pets with food allergies and food intolerances.

Therefore, Ostrich is an ideal animal protein for dogs with food intolerances, food-sensitivities or even allergies. Additionally, Ostrich is particularly suitable for an elimination diet.

2. Sustainable

Our Free-Range Ostrich sourced from South Africa is the most sustainable red meat protein in the world: kg for kg (pound for pound).

Ostrich production requires dramatically less water, land, and resource-intensive feed.

Ostriches emit only a fraction of the greenhouse gases of traditional livestock.

3. Supporting Rural Communities in South Africa

Farming ostrich in rural parts of South Africa has provided a livelihood for local farmers and their families for many generations. Farmers in these remote areas have developed a business opportunity where options are limited.

4. Low in Fat

Ostrich meat is naturally a source of meat with low fat, cholesterol and calorie contents. Ostrich is even lower in fat grams than skinless white meat chicken or turkey!

Our Ostrich & Organic Vegetables recipe is optimal for dogs that require a variety with moderate fat content such as dogs that are overweight, or suffer from Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), etc.

5. Highly Digestible

All of FURCHILD’s meats and poultry used in our recipes are very digestible. The result is it less “waste”. Smaller, harder, firm and less frequent poops.

6. Very Tasty!

Last but not least, Ostrich meat is exceptionally tasty to both humans and our pets, and thus also attractive for picky eaters or dogs that are looking for a special treat.

Don’t’ forget Ostrich’s ‘Raw-mazing’ Bones!

Ostrich bones are just one of the many premium by-products of this amazing animal. Our Mammoth Ostrich Bones are an excellent mental stimulant for your dog and provide nutritional benefits; calcium, fatty acids, minerals and cartilage.

They provide many oral health benefits, – they’re nature’s toothbrush!

With their large size and plethora of angles and shapes your dogs is sure to keep entertained as well as maintain their pearly white teeth.

Our Mammoth Ostrich Bones come in two sizes, Whole Bone and Center Cut.

Try our premium raw dog food, grain-free, gluten-free
made with only Free-Range Ostrich and Organic Vegetables today!

Mar 2021

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