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4 Simple Steps to Switch Your Cat or Dog to Raw Pet Food

4 Simple Steps to Switch Your Cat or Dog to Raw Pet Food

With more and more pet parents kicking the cans, ditching dry food, and choosing a fresh raw diet, the fresh food industry is increasing dramatically!

As pet parents learn about the benefits of feeding a species-appropriate raw diet, the very next step for them is to find out - How to make the switch to raw pet food.

How to Make the Switch to Raw Pet Food?

The hardest part of switching is actually making the decision to go for it and then sticking to it.

Because many animals will transition quickly and consume their new raw food with vigour. And switching your furchild to a raw pet food diet is a vital part of their journey to optimal health.

The switch to a fresh raw diet also depends on your pet. A healthy pet may switch without a twitch, whereas other pets may be more sensitive and have a few bumps along the road.

However, consistency pays off. And in the long run, the feeding regime will become second nature with your pet soon beginning to enjoy a healthier life.

Did you know? Fact about raw pet food

Transition Plans for Dogs and Cats

There are multiple ways to transition to a raw pet food diet depending on your pet’s age and health.

1. Mixing the Meals (1 year and above)

For making the switch to a raw pet food diet, one way is to slowly reduce the quantity of your pet’s existing diet while strategically increasing the quantity of Furchild Meals.

For switching your pet to a raw pet food diet by mixing their meals, we recommend doing it for 7 to 14 days considering your pet is healthy.

While Furchild is an optimal pet-feeding solution, a sudden change in diet can disrupt your pet's digestive system. So it is best to make a gradual change.

This will allow your cat’s or dog's digestive system to comfortably adjust without an upset.

The plan below should help you switch your pet to a raw pet food diet seamlessly.

Make the switch to raw pet food

When your pets enjoy their meals with no digestive upsets or other symptoms of discomfort, know that you have successfully transitioned them onto a species-appropriate raw pet food diet - Congratulations!

2. A Rapid Switch to Raw Pet Food

It’s usually a rare occasion when pets may be unable to tolerate a transitioning diet that contains both kibble and raw pet food.

This may be due to a difference in digestive processes for carbohydrate-rich kibble and quickly digestible meats.

Such pets would actually do better with a “cold turkey” switch, that is, a complete change from the existing diet to a raw pet food diet. A rapid switch can be used on puppies and kittens under 12 weeks, or pets with a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) tract and not on any medications.

For healthy adult dogs, many experienced raw feeders even recommend a day of fasting just before you start the Rapid Switch. Dogs can go days without food and not suffer any ill effects.

We usually do not encourage starving your dogs. But a day of fasting after years of commercial food will benefit their digestive systems.

Cat and puppyHowever, DO NOT fast a puppy (under 1 year), cats of any age, or old, underweight, sick pets.

And for cats who are used to an all-day buffet, they should be limited to meal times to create actual hunger.

Please note that cats should not be denied food for long periods as they are susceptible to a liver disease called hepatic lipidosis, which can be serious and even fatal, especially to overweight cats.

3. A Slow Switch to Raw Pet Food

For older pets or pets who are ill, you may want to consider switching their diet over a 30-day period with a much more gradual approach.

Over the next few weeks, decrease the amount of their old diet, phasing it out until you are feeding them a raw pet food diet exclusively.

And for pets that have digestive issues and/or gastrointestinal disorders, the switch to raw pet food has to be even slower.

Also, we would recommend adding digestive enzymes to aid such pets with their transition to a raw pet food diet.

Digestive Enzymes

Transitioning Puppies and Kittens to Raw Pet Food

If you are transitioning a puppy or kitten from a commercial diet, the same principles of feeding apply.

  1. If you adopt the Mixing Meals approach to switch your pet to a raw pet food diet, follow the same procedure as above and gradually decrease their old diets replacing it with Furchild Meals.

  2. But if you opt for a Rapid Switch, you follow the same procedure mentioned above. However, remember that you should NEVER fast a puppy (less than 1 year) or a cat of any age.

4. Transitioning Picky Eaters to a Raw Pet Food Diet

Fussy dog, picky dog

Usually, even the pickiest eaters tend to love it when fed a balanced fresh raw pet food diet.

And in most cases fixing meal times and discipline does the trick. But if your pets are still picky about their new healthy diets, here are 5 steps to transition a picky eater to raw pet food.

These methods work for most pet parents looking to switch their furchildren on a species-appropriate raw pet food diet.

But if you feel your pet’s case is different, our qualified pet food advisors would be happy to help! Just fill out our Raw Starter Kit form (it’s FREE and takes less than 3 minutes), and our pet food advisors will soon reach out to you.

The only regret we hear from pet parents is that they wish they had switched to raw pet food earlier.

Fur their best life… Furchild!

Aug 2023

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