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The 4 Commonly Asked Questions About A Raw Dog Food Diet

The 4 Commonly Asked Questions About A Raw Dog Food Diet

Quite often when the topic of a raw dog food diet comes up, these questions come along.

And what’s surprising many a time is these unanswered questions keep pet parents away from choosing a raw diet that’s species-appropriate for their furchildren.

That’s why, we decided to address these questions and ensure that pet parents know and understand that a balanced raw dog food diet is completely safe for dogs.

So, let’s dive a bit deeper into the details and know the actual health benefits our pets can achieve from balanced raw dog food diets.

Here goes the first question…

Q1. Why don’t vets recommend a raw diet?

A raw dog food diet has so many health benefits for your dogs, ranging from boosted immunity, enhanced digestion, and increased energy levels to even reduced allergies.

Despite the positive health benefits of a raw dog food diet, some veterinarians still don’t recommend a raw diet. And most of the common reasons for this are mentioned in one of our recent blogs, 3 Reasons Why Vets Might Not Support Raw Pet Food.

In the above blog, we dive into each reason why some vets might not recommend a raw pet food diet and mention in detail how Furchild resolves their concerns and issues.

All our recipes meet and exceed FEDIAF, AAFCO, and NRC requirements for all life stages and breeds. To add on, our meals are species-appropriate and reviewed by two Board-certified Veterinary Nutritionists from the USA.

If you want to get into further details, check out our complete and balanced recipes.

Q2. Do dogs poop less on a raw diet?

Woman with a small poop bag for dogs

The short and simple answer - Yes! And it’s especially true if they transition from other (kibble, canned, or homemade) diets to a balanced raw dog food diet.

When your dog eats a species-appropriate diet, it is better digested and utilised by their bodies. This results in reduced waste, which in turn means reduced poop.

Another benefit that you’d soon notice with a raw dog food diet is your dog’s poop becoming less smelly.

Some other stool changes that you might notice with raw feeding would be -

  • Mucous around the poop. Don’t worry as this is normal and a sign of detoxification whereby the normal mucous in the intestinal tract sheds out.
  • Lighter colour. This happens because of the bone content in the meals. Know that this is common with dogs eating a raw dog food diet. Moreover, such poop would turn white and disintegrate if left outdoors unattended.
  • Smaller and firmer poops. With a species-appropriate fresh raw diet, more food, including moisture and nutrients, is digested and absorbed, leaving little waste behind.

And if you find your dog straining to poop, it’s normal. In fact, it’s healthier since it can assist your dogs to express their anal glands. Don’t confuse this with constipation.

Your dog’s poop best indicates their inner Gasto-Intestinal (GI) conditions. And there’s much more that defines the size, odour, colour, and texture of your dog’s poop. To go deeper into the details and know more about your dog’s poop, read The Scoop on Poop – Raw vs. Kibble and Underlying Health Problems.

Q3. Can my dog eat raw chicken?

Yes, dogs can eat fresh raw chicken without getting sick.

When talking to pet parents about a balanced raw dog food diet, we find a lot of fear-mongering instilled from kibble companies, only to promote their ultra-processed food…

On the contrary, a balanced raw diet enhances digestion, boosts immunity and increases energy levels in your pets. Recent studies from the University of Helsinki also show that a raw dog food diet can even reduce allergies.

With that said, the question should actually have been - Can my dog eat ultra-processed food?

Because more than 100 years ago, that is before the evolution of the pet food industry, dogs used to follow their natural instincts to hunt, prey and eat. And they thrived on such a fresh diet.

This explains how dogs are biologically designed to eat a fresh raw dog food diet.

If we’re to go into the details of The Hidden Truths of Commercial Pet Food, we can go on and on at length.

But keeping it short here, while leaving a link for those interested, Yes, dogs can eat raw chicken incorporated into treats as supplemental feeding. And it’s even better if they eat a balanced raw dog food diet.

Raw Chicken for Dogs

Make sure that the chicken is of premium quality, chemical-free, and sourced from a reputable supplier. Along with this, it’s extremely important that you practise proper storage, handling, and clean-up - the same as if you were to prepare raw meat for cooking at home.

Q4. Is raw better than kibble?

Yes, balanced raw dog food is a species-appropriate diet and far better than an ultra-processed kibble diet.

If you’re still new to the concept of raw feeding, check out the 28 benefits of feeding a high-quality, complete and balanced raw dog food diet.

Coming to kibble, many pet parents do not know how kibble is made under extremely high temperatures and pressure. When food ingredients undergo ultra-processing in such harsh conditions, it results in a change in their chemical and physical components.

Do you know what its consequences are?

It can lead to protein denaturation, loss of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and the production of toxic substances.

Yes, that’s as bad as it sounds. Or even worse.

Know that, commercial kibble companies have huge marketing budgets and massive ad spends they use to cover up these 7 common problems with all kibble diets.

Reading through these 7 common problems of an ultra-processed kibble diet would strongly reinforce the need to shift to a species-appropriate raw dog food diet. And if you’re looking for the transition to a premium fresh raw dog food diet, Furchild offers Raw Meals that are 100% complete and balanced.

Vet checking an Alaskan Malamute

Our expertly crafted recipes are formulated by the world’s leading pet experts who own a combined 50 years of experience in pet food formulation. And then as mentioned previously, all our recipes are verified by two Board-certified Veterinary Nutritionists from the USA.

Following advanced research and the health benefits of a premium raw dog food diet, many informed pet parents in the UAE are voluntarily ditching the dry, kicking the cans, and switching over to a healthier, species-appropriate fresh raw diet.

And if you’re still in consideration of a fresh raw dog food diet, we strongly urge you to check what other pet parents say about our Raw Meals.

Hope this helps, and if you do have any questions about raw feeding, we welcome you to visit us or reach out to us at your convenience. We’d be happy to help you!

Jul 2023

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