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3 Ways You Can Clean Your Dog’s Teeth at Home

3 Ways You Can Clean Your Dog’s Teeth at Home

Maintaining good dental hygiene for dogs at home is now easily possible!

Oftentimes, this topic of keeping your furry friend’s teeth clean at home is considered a lot of work. And this goes to the point where some pet parents even completely associate dental hygiene with occasional dental vet appointments.

But that isn’t the case anymore.

With doggy toothbrushes, raw dog food diets, raw bones, chews, etc., many pet parents nowadays have a daily routine of maintaining their furry friend’s dental care at home.

So, keeping the obvious one, the doggy toothpaste and toothbrushes, for last, let’s explore the two other natural ways you can keep your pup’s teeth in fur-bulous condition.

1. A species-appropriate raw diet for dogs

It’s fascinating to see the number of pet parents who underestimate the importance of feeding a species-appropriate fresh raw food diet for dogs. And how it can be an easy way to keep your dog’s teeth clean at home.

First, let’s look at the negative side of a carb-rich kibble diet.

Sugary carb-rich kibble

Although kibble diets sound crunchy and good to the ear, that crunch is far from keeping your dog’s teeth clean.

In fact, such a diet might be the reason for frequent vet visits. The reason - how kibble is manufactured.

For kibble to be produced, lots of starchy grains, starchy legumes, and starchy veggies are added for their carbohydrate content.

The starchy grains (wheat, rice, oats, corn, etc.) and legumes (peas, lentils, etc.) are further used alongside other starchy ingredients like Barley and Tapioca.

These ingredients are then put into an extruder and their excess carbs are used to bind the ingredients together as kibble is extruded out at extremely high temperatures (around 400°F).

And the crunch sound that comes… It’s actually the breaking of brittle ultra-processed foods that are often not suitable for the species and questionable in quality.

Plaque and tartar on dog’s teeth

Imagine these starchy particles sticking to your dog’s teeth as they chew kibble. And the possibilities of plaque and tartar buildup with it…

Now, let’s look at how fresh raw dog food diets clean a dog’s teeth.

Complete and balanced raw diets like Furchild, containing omega-3 essential fatty acids and natural enzymes, lower inflammation and protect the gums of our furry friends.

These meals are crafted by experts and are rich in proteins and low in carbs. Exactly how the species-appropriate diet of dogs should be.

Moreover, the meals are completely grain-free, legume-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and corn-free. And no fillers or additives are used.

Toby eating  Furchild raw dog food from his bowl

And because these meals are raw and unprocessed, they’re full of natural enzymes that help your pet completely digest the food and maintain dental hygiene.

To add to it, our raw dog food contains active ingredients like kelp that fight bacteria and keep your dog’s teeth clean, their breath fresh, and prevent the build-up of tartar and plaque.

Another active ingredient in our meals for improved doggy dental hygiene is organic parsley, which helps naturally freshen breath.

Further, when it comes to our raw meals, we only use whole cuts of ethically sourced human-grade meats, finely ground with certified organic fruits and vegetables, balanced with optimal omega 6:3 fatty acids ratio and the required micro-nutrients for all ages and breeds of dogs.

And we go the extra mile so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re feeding your furry friend a complete and balanced fresh raw dog food diet that’s species-appropriate.

If you still trying to understand the link between raw meals and dental health, here’s what Dr Karen Becker, a Wellness and Integrative Veterinarian, has to say…

"Raw diets – even prepared, ground raw diets – help control tartar. Raw ground bone is a gentle dental abrasive, acting like fine sandpaper when chewed, which helps remove debris stuck on teeth." - Dr Karen Becker's quote about raw diets

2. Raw bones and chews

Raw Bones

Raw bones are quite popular among dogs, and dogs love to chew on them! What’s even better? Raw bones and chews are some of the easiest and most convenient ways to clean your dog’s teeth at home.

Chewing on raw bones and organic dog chews improves your dog’s dental health at home with each bite. In fact, raw bones are called nature’s toothbrush!

The gnawing of raw meaty bones scrapes plaque and tartar from teeth. It not only cleans teeth and freshens breath, but serves as great dog dental care at home.

In fact, offering a variety of raw bones that are suitable for your dog’s size and chewing temperament is beneficial in cleaning their teeth from all sides.

Dog with clean teeth and good dental care done

And within just a few weeks of chewing bones, say twice a week, you’ll start noticing changes in your dog’s dental hygiene, all while staying at home.

Almost 90% of dogs will have developed some form of periodontal disease by 2 years of age.

What’s worse, dental disease has been linked to heart, kidney and liver disease in dogs!

However, new surprising science has our backs! A recent peer-reviewed study found dogs who chewed on specific pieces of bones had almost 90% of tartar buildup removed and the bones did not cause any root fracture, enamel fracture, or bone resorption. The study concluded pet parents should be using specific bones for their pet’s regular oral hygiene.

- Dr Karen Becker, DVM

Dog with clean teeth eating raw bone at home

In addition, raw bones improve mental health and reduce stress or anxiety by stimulating our furry friends’ minds. Raw bones also provide them with hours of chewing entertainment, be it at home or outdoors!

However, it’s important to note that cooked or smoked bones shouldn’t be given to dogs.

On cooking or smoking, bones undergo high temperatures, losing their elasticity and nutritional value, making them brittle. Such bones can splinter and cause hazards for our dogs’ digestive tracts and intestines on swallowing.

And even with raw bones, that are healthy and nutritious, it’s always advised to be given under your supervision to avoid any potential hazards.

Himalayan Chews for dogs

Another alternative to raw bones is our Himalayan Chew which works just like raw bones and cleans a dog’s teeth upon being chewed.

And since it relies on chewing, even our Himalayan Chews are a great source for your dog’s dental care at home.

To add on, these organic dog chews are quite different from commercial dental chews. The reason - the ingredients that go into making these chews, and here’s a comparison…

Organic Himalayan Dog Chew vs Commercial Dental Chew

Moreover, our Himalayan Dog Chews are handmade from traditional farming methods using only the four 100% natural ingredients mentioned.

And as these ingredients are completely starch-free, you don’t have to worry about your furriend eating carbs. Plus, they’re easy to digest, and dogs love the taste!

Even better, our Beyond Fairtrade policy supports the rural farmers making Himalayan Chews in the high-altitude regions of the Himalayas in Nepal.

3. Brushing your dog’s teeth to keep them clean at home

When it comes to brushing your furry friend’s teeth at home, it’s best to start when they’re young, so that they are eventually habituated to dental care at home.

However, you can also get your older dogs accustomed to cleaning their teeth by brushing. Just make it an interesting activity for them and always remember to reward them for their good behaviour.

To keep it simple, you can offer your dogs our healthy treats to reinforce their good behaviour.

Brushing techniques for a dog’s teeth

Before we go to the brushing techniques, many pet parents ask, “Can dogs have human toothpaste?”

The simple answer is “No”. It’s because human toothpaste is made up of a bunch of ingredients, which can be harmful to dogs. And unlike humans, who spit the paste out, our dogs won’t.

So it might be harmful if dogs swallow the high concentrations of sulphates and fluorides present in commercial human toothpaste.

Moving ahead to brushing techniques for our dog’s teeth, ensure that you have a doggy toothbrush or a child’s toothbrush with soft bristles. Gauze pads work well too as they’re comfortable for your furriend. And they’re disposable, so they’re easy to use!

In case you have a small dog, you can also use a finger toothbrush.

Once that’s sorted, next comes the dog toothpaste. For this, we highly recommend that you make your furry friend’s toothpaste yourself.

Just use this Royal Sparkle Toothpaste recipe from our very own Dr Barabara Royal (DVM, CVA), and you can easily make your dog’s toothpaste at home without any unhealthy ingredients used in commercial toothpaste.

Dr Barbara Royal’s Royal Sparkle Toothpaste Recipe

Whenever possible, we recommend using certified organic ingredients and 100% pure essential oil that is Therapeutic Grade Oil for Dr Royal’s toothpaste recipe.

These natural ingredients involved, are done for the following health benefits.

  • Peppermint essential oil - a natural antibacterial that leaves your dog's mouth minty fresh.
  • Baking Soda - cleans plaque, freshens breath, and whitens teeth by neutralising acids in the mouth, all naturally. These acids can otherwise cause dental cavities and tooth decay.
  • Cinnamon - has antibacterial properties that can help fight harmful mouth bacteria.
  • Clove oil - helps to relieve the manifestations of inflammatory processes.

Once you have all the ingredients, combine them in a bowl. And you've your toothpaste ready. Yes, it is that simple. And make sure you keep it in a cool place, but not a refrigerator as it might turn the toothpaste rock hard.

From puppies to seniors, this recipe is safe for all dogs. In fact so safe that humans can use it as well!

Or if you are just starting out and want to keep things simple to begin with, use organic cold-pressed coconut oil.

And once you have your dog's toothpaste sorted, it's time to start gradually. And know that you don’t have to actually start brushing their teeth from day one. Take it slow and steady. It’s completely okay even if your dog takes a few weeks to let you take complete control.

And when you start brushing your dog’s teeth, start with small circular movements. Don’t force it. Just keep the momentum and soon your dog will be comfortable enough to allow you to reach every corner of their mouth.

And when that happens, don’t forget to reward your furriend for their good behaviour with a healthy Furchild treat. With time, your dog’s dental care at home will become a source of great bonding between you and your fur-buddy.

woman rewarding her dog for good behaviour while cleaning their teeth at home

Complete Doggy Dental Care

Try to make it a habit to check your dog’s teeth every week or at least once a month. It keeps you in check and helps spot any irregularities right at the beginning.

Remember that overall good health is very much defined by good dental health!

That’s where these 3 ways of doggy dental care at home are sure to reduce your vet visits and eventually your vet bills too.

So if you wish to switch your furry friend to species-appropriate fresh raw meals, just fill out the linked form and our pet food advisors will reach out and assist you with personalised recommendations for your furchildren.

Nov 2023

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