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Here’s where you’ll find a wealth of information – everything from purchasing and deliveries to product information and health tips. Browse the list below and then contact us if you still have questions.


A. By getting certain details before you get started, we’re able to give you a truly bespoke service that really caters to you and your pet. We also need your contact details to organize the delivery of your pet’s meal plans and quick purchase items.

A. Simply click here and complete the 2-minute build a meal plan form. At the top of the form, there’s a step-by-step guide to help you.

A. After you build a meal plan for your pet(s) and submit the form, we can start your plan in as little as three business days. An email will be automatically sent to you confirming the delivery date and time mentioned in your order. Simply click here to build a meal plan.

A. Absolutely! Simply add the desired products to your online shopping basket and check out. Our meal plans are designed as a bespoke service to help you feed your pet in a convenient manner.

A. When you sign up your pet(s) for a meal plan, you choose from the following options:

  • Frequency of deliveries – weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly.
  • Duration of meal plans – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

Furchild makes it easy and affordable with automated deliveries and payments and savings up to 15%! Build your pet’s meal plan to learn more about discounts.

A. It’s simple – you can modify or cancel your pet(s) meal plan up to 3 business days prior to delivery. Visit ‘My Account – My Pets’. You can edit your pet’s meal plan up to 3 business days before the expected delivery date. Read our terms and conditions for detailed information on this subject.

A. Each Furchild meal plan is individually priced according to the variety of meal types you choose as well the amount required for your pet based on his or her size, metabolism, and description.

The real cost of feeding raw – Raw diets are a daily investment in the ongoing health of your pet. We believe that the optional nutrition is paid back to you through the savings from avoiding chronic health conditions that many pets suffer from poor diets. Most medical problems need the diagnosis and treatment of a veterinarian, but it’s surprising how many common aliments are linked to a diet. A complete and balanced high-quality raw diet can transform your pet’s health and well-being.

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A. We accept cash, all major credit and debit cards as well as transfers. You can pay online or we can come to you. Payment however must be received 3 days prior to your first delivery.


A. We deliver throughout to all 7 Emirates. If you live outside the UAE, please get in touch with our customer care and we can discuss your options.

A. Deliveries are daily. At the time of checkout, you will select one of four options. If these options do not work with your schedule you can request a specific delivery time by email: info@furchildpets.com. Our logistics team will confirm if your requested time can be achieved as the timings are planned based on location and using the most economical route possible in order to ensure speedy delivery to all customers.

The steps are easy to follow when you build a meal plan for your pet.

A. Yes, lots of pets stay at boarding faculties or change house when their owners are away. If you wish to make changes to your delivery location, please visit ‘My Account’ and modify the details found on ‘My Delivery Address’. We require a minimum of three business days notice to your scheduled delivery.

Make sure you receive a confirmation email or phone call from our logistics team before you go on holiday.


A. Not only is there a benefit, this is a necessary combination. It is very important to have these in the proper ratios. The calcium to phosphorous ratio is especially important. In our poultry meals, we use finely ground bone. In our ruminant meals, we use a natural supplement. Without the proper ration, an imbalance can be created in our animal. Organ meat supplies important amino acids as well as iron and other important nutrients. By rotating through different protein sources, we are assuring our pets receive the healthiest balanced, most natural diet that can be provided.

A. We always suggest using Furchild meals that are designed specifically for your cat or dog. Our meal formulations for dogs are not harmful to a cat, but they don’t offer the balanced nutritional requirements of a cat either. You could occasionally offer the dog food to your cat, but wouldn’t you prefer to give them the nutrients that cats need?

Cats and dogs are very different animals. Having diets formulated with each of their needs in mind makes perfect sense. When comparing the two on the outside, it is easy to see some of the differences, but it is on the inside where their differences in metabolism and chemistry are hidden that are most important. Outlined below are just a few of the unseen biochemical differences between cats & dogs.

Vitamin A: (also called retinol) required at the cellular level by both cats & dogs.

  • Cats → Process little or no enzymes that will break down the plant-produced carotenoids. They must eat preformed active Vitamin A (Vitamin A that already has been converted from carotenoids to its active form by some other creature such as a mouse or rabbit). This is a good example of why cats are called strict carnivores, because they need to eat some other animal in order to “borrow” its active Vitamin A.
  • Dogs → Have enzymes in the lining of the intestine that can break down plant carotenoids and convert these into active Vitamin A.

Niacin: An essential B vitamin. Essential means it must be eaten and can’t be made inside the body.

  • Cats → Can obtain Niacin only by eating the preformed vitamin. They cannot convert Tryptophan to niacin.
  • Dogs → Obtain Niacin in two ways. One is by converting a dietary amino acid called Tryptophan into Niacin and the other way is by eating preformed Niacin.

Arginine: A building block for proteins, called an amino acid. Arginine is vital to many of the animal’s internal chemical factory’s functions. If there is no Arginine, the entire system stops working properly.

  • Cats → Are extremely sensitive to even a single meal deficient in Arginine and are unable to make their own. Cats need lots of protein, and Arginine is involved in aiding the elimination of the protein waste products so the wastes don’t pollute the system.
  • Dogs → Are not very sensitive to low levels of Arginine in their diets and produce enzymes internally that can aid the production of Arginine.

Taurine: An amino acid that is not built into proteins, but is distributed throughout most body tissues. Taurine is important for the healthy functioning of the heart, retina, bile fluid, and certain aspects of reproduction.

  • Cats → Can’t make their own Taurine. Since Taurine is not found in plant tissues, cats must consume meat to obtain preformed Taurine.
  • Dogs → Make their own in their internal chemical factory.

Dietary Protein:

  • Cats → If fed a perfectly balanced and 100% digestible protein in a diet, the cat will use 20% of that protein for growth metabolism and 12% for maintenance. Cats need more protein in their diets than dogs.
  • Dogs → If fed a perfectly balanced and 100% digestible protein in a diet, the dog will use 12% of that protein for growth metabolism and 4% for maintenance. Dogs need less protein in their diets than cats.

A. Our dog and cat meals are prepared fresh, packaged frozen in airtight vacuum-sealed bags. Our frozen products are safe in the freezer for 6 months unopened. But it’s important to remember that once the food is defrosted, it should be stored in the refrigerator and used within 3 days. Anything left after that should be discarded.

A. All Furchild raw frozen meals contain fresh ground bone. Bones contained in the meals are finely ground to 2 mm for Cats and 4mm for dogs. There is no risk or choking or danger for your pet and they are fast digesting.

A. It is important to us that all of the meats we use come from farms that practice sustainable agriculture. All meats are governmentally inspected, and are hormone and antibiotic-free. All meats we use are the very same cuts that are found in fine supermarkets. On our label, we list the actual cuts of meat we use.

It has always been our goal to use the very best ingredients. Firstly, none of our ingredients or pet care products are from China. Our trusted international suppliers are selected based upon their quality, reliability, and ethical treatment of the animals. Our meats are Halal and are sourced internationally, Australia, Germany, the USA (California and Alaska), Bulgaria, Oman, Nepal, and South Africa. Our organic vegetables used in Furchild Meals for Dogs are handpicked from local farms in the UAE.

A. Yes, this is absolutely normal. There certainly can be differences in color from batch to batch due to the natural variations in raw materials. Since there are no color enhancers in any of our products, differences in color can often be attributed to different shades of produce throughout the year. Normal color ranges can include green, grey, pink, tan, and brown. A difference in color between batches does not indicate a problem with the product.

A. At Furchild we have taken very careful consideration in regards to our packaging and have found many benefits of a vacuum-sealed, leak-proof packaging.

If we produced our product in chubs, patties, nuggets, or medallions, there may be a slight chance of exposure to air or leakage. Our packaging doesn’t tear or leak and also provides longevity for our product in the freezer. There is little surface area exposure, as opposed to patties or medallions, which protects the food from freezer burn that can lead to degradation of the food and compromise its nutritional value.


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New to raw feeding? Starter Kit AED99