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How to Naturally Treat Hyperkeratosis: Why do Dogs get Dry, Crusty Noses?

By Natural Dog Company on January 22, 2017
How to Naturally Treat Hyperkeratosis: Why do Dogs get Dry, Crusty Noses?

To naturally treat hyperkeratosis you need an understanding of your dog’s condition and what causes it to occur in the first place. Hyperkeratosis is a condition that causes your dog’s nose or paws to thicken and become excessively hard.

When your pet produces too much keratin, the fibrous proteins that make up the outer layer of skin, it causes excessive skin growth. As a result, you see the formation of hard, thick, dry and calloused skin. When left untreated, this brittle skin can crack and become infected.

Nasal Hyperkeratosis VS. Foot Pad Hyperkeratosis

Hyperkeratosis is broken down into two main types: nasal hyperkeratosis and foot pad hyperkeratosis.

Nasal hyperkeratosis impacts your dog’s nose and muzzle area, while foot pad hyperkeratosis impacts your dog’s feet.

Both types of hyperkeratosis can be incredibly uncomfortable and even painful. Nasal hyperkeratosis prevents your dog from fully using their most valuable sense, their super powered snout. Dogs can smell with far greater capacity than humans, which is why they rely on their sense of smell to investigate the world and stay safe. Yet, in order for the magic to occur their snout must be wet. If your dog’s nose is dry and crusty it no longer functions the same way.

Foot pad hyperkeratosis causes its own sets of issues. Your dog walks around all day on his or her paws, and when paws are tender and sore it makes life more difficult. Some dogs even develop a limp as a result.

What Causes Hyperkeratosis?

Certain dog breeds have a genetic predisposition to developing hyperkeratosis, including Golden Retrievers, Irish and Bedlington Terriers, Labradors, and Dogues de Bordeaux. In most cases, if your dog’s genes caused the formation of hyperkeratosis it’ll show up within the first year of his or her life.

Idiopathic hyperkeratosis develops for unknown reasons and more commonly affects older dogs.

Hyperkeratosis can also occur as a symptom of one of the following underlying issues:

  • Canine Distemper: A rare virus that can be avoided with proper puppy immunizations. Dogs with distemper develop a variety of symptoms, including nasal hyperkeratosis.
  • Leishmaniasis: A parasite-induced illness often related to sand flies that can cause hyperkeratosis. There are medications available to treat this illness.
  • Pemphigus Foliaceus: This is one of the most common autoimmune skin diseases in both cats and dogs. It causes hyperkeratosis to form on paw pads and is diagnosed with a biopsy.
  • Zinc Responsive Dermatosis: If your dog does not properly absorb Zinc they may develop zinc responsive dermatosis, and as a result hyperkeratosis. Zinc supplements are often prescribed as treatment.

How To Naturally Treat Hyperkeratosis

There is no exact treatment regimen for hyperkeratosis, which leaves many devoted dog owners feeling rather helpless. Before you throw your paws up in defeat, there are 2 breakthrough products proven to soothe, heal and prevent the formation of hyperkeratosis.

How To Naturally Treat Nasal Hyperkeratosis

Snout Soother is specially formulated to effectively treat hyperkeratosis of the snout. No matter how dry, cracked, bloody or damaged your dog’s nose may be, Snout Soother is your dog’s superhero.

The moment you apply the dog-approved balm to your pup’s nose, they should feel a sense of relief. Sort of like when you have really dry lips and you apply Chapstick, it just feels so much better.

As your dog experiences relief, Snout Soother goes to work treating and healing the skin. Regular use of Snout Soother can help prevent reformation of nasal hyperkeratosis.

Learn how every last ingredient in Snout Soother works to soothe, treat & prevent nasal hyperkeratosis.

How To Naturally Treat Foot Pad Hyperkeratosis

Paw Soother is specially formulated to effectively treat hyperkeratosis of the paw pads. The 100% all-natural balm soothes and heals thanks to a perfect blend of herbal-based plant oils and butters. Every last ingredient plays an important role. For instance, organic coconut oil provides intense moisturizing as well as anti-inflammatory properties, while Vitamin E grants the skin a much-needed boost of collagen production and cell regeneration. Learn more about Paw Soother’s pawesomely powerful ingredients.

Why Natural Treatments Are So Important For Your Dog

Dogs that develop hyperkeratosis tend to be more sensitive, which is why we are adamant about using the most gentle, all-natural and carefully sourced ingredients. Our products are so safe that even if your dog ingests the entire tube you have nothing to worry about.

But don't just take our WORDS for it!

“We’d like to share a picture of our 11 year old Brittany named Maggie. She was diagnosed with hyperkeratosis by our vet. After unsuccessfully attempting to treat her with Vitamin E, we were desperate. Her nose was literally crumbling off in tiny pieces and she would bleed almost daily.We came across your Snout Soother while searching the internet and sent for the Wrinkle Balm. We applied Snout Soother once every day for 8 weeks, distracting her with a bone to avoid her licking it off. We are beyond thrilled for her. Huge fans of Snout Soother!” – Barbra & John

“Our dog Baxter has always had a rough nose, but his hyperkeratosis got worse over the years. We tried some nose conditioning treatments from the groomer, but they never helped at all. We thought it was just something we had to live with, but always worried that it may bother him. It also looked awful on such a cute little pup! We ordered Snout Soother with pretty high hopes based on reviews, but we were really amazed when we started applying it. Within 24 hours of the first application, all the rough spots on his nose fell off. We’re now 3 days in and his nose looks almost like my other dog’s (normal) nose. We plan to use this forever.” – Morgan H. Runnemede

“My English bulldog Prince is eight years old and with age, his nose seemed to be getting extremely dry and crusted on the top. At first, we tried remedies such as vitamin E oil and coconut oil. Seeing only minor improvement, we decided to go ahead and order the Snout Soother. We are absolutely amazed- this is what Prince’s nose looked like after just one day of using it! We will surely be return customers. I took your advice and began applying theSnout Soother more often and made sure one of those applications was in the evening. Here are my updated before and after photos, first is pre-application and second is ten days into using Snout Soother. Prince is much happier now and has even gotten adjusted to application! We will continue to use the product to maintain his new nose.” – Prince’s Mom

Learn more about Natural Dog Company’s Organic Snout Soother and Organic Paw Soother


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Take care of those paws!

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Natural Dog Company
Natural Dog Company
Natural Dog Company is a award winning company that provides healing solutions that are natural and effective. The only ingredients to touch your pet’s coat and skin should be organic, non-toxic, and as gentle as possible.

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