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Raw Bones Are Nature's Toothbrush

By Katherine Cebrowski on March 13, 2018
Raw Bones Are Nature's Toothbrush

Have you heard about feeding dogs raw bones and wondered what the fuss is about?

According to the American Vet Dental Society, by the age of the three, more than 80% of dogs develop gum disease. Periodontal disease has been linked to a risk factors for heart, kidney and liver problems in dogs. So it goes without saying, maintaining your pet's oral health is an issue that goes far beyond the aesthetics of sparkly white teeth and fresh breath.

Allowing your pet to gnaw on an appropriate size and type of raw bone can help clean their teeth and provide many more health benefits. Essentially, Raw Bones are Mother Nature's Toothbrush!

We like to keep it simple with 4 key benefits for feeding Raw Bones.

  1. CLEANS TEETH & FRESHENS BREATH - Chewing on a raw bone helps clean your pet’s teeth and dramatically reduce the likelihood of gum disease developing.
  2. NUTRITIOUS & HEALTHY - A great natural and nutritious source (especially for protein, fat, calcium and phosphorous).
  3. PROVIDES EXCERCISE - Helps to strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles. It can be a full body workout.
  4. MENTALLY STIMULATING - Provides entertainment and it satisfies their chew drive.

Quite simply, pets love raw bones!


As with most pet friendly chewable items, supervision is very important!

Make sure you select the right size of bone. If the bone is too small it could be gulped or swallowed whole and could cause choking. If you're not sure which one is suitable for your pet, ask our team.

Check your dog periodically as he/she is chewing on the bone. Check your dog's teeth and gum afterwards. You might see minor gum irritation if chewing on real raw bones is new to your dog. Eventually, the gum tissue will get stronger with stimulation and chewing.

If your pet looks like they're about to swallow a bone whole or they haven't broken one of our poultry bones into small enough pieces to ingest safely, step in before you have a situation. It's common sense.

Be hygienic. Clean up the appropriate surfaces afterwards, or better yet, train your dog to chew on their bone on a towel. It makes life easier as you just have to throw it in the washing machine.


Offering a variety of raw bones is beneficial to clean multiple surfaces of their teeth. Gone are the days of expensive anesthesia and dental cleanings.

The benefits of chewing on bones one or two times per week will be evident within just a few weeks. Your pet's overall well being will improve, not just from the act of gnawing on something, but from better dental health.

All of Furchild's raw bones are fresh, human-grade and 100% natural. They are the highest quality ingredients sourced internationally, with reputable and ethical farming practices. Our raw bones are grass fed, cage free, organic and contain no hormones or antibioics.

There are no grains, fillers, artificial preservatives, or sweeteners added to our raw bones, as is the case with other conventional dog treats and chews.

A word of advice...


Although smoke bones are readily available in many pet stores and some veterinarian clinics, and you may think the leftovers of your turkey roast may be a healthier option for your dog, but we advise against feeding both smoked and cooked bones. This is very important as raw bones have both the elasticity and dietary component. A cooked (and smoked bone), through the heating process changes chemically, making it brittle and leach out valuable nutrition or recombines most of the vitamin and protein components.

Cooked bones have little or nutritional value and can become lodged in the intestine, or break off into small pieces like splinters. In comparison, raw bones are both nutritional and flexible, but most of all digestible, releasing the calcium and other components both in the right quantity and at the right time in the process.

A healthy alternative to Raw Bones

Our Himalayan Chew is a 100% Natural Hard Cheese Chew handmade by the Himalayan people from an ancient recipe. This long lasting chew offers great mental stimulation and many oral health benefits for your dog, similar to raw bones but without the hassle of cleaning up afterwards. All dogs love the texture and taste!

Add a Raw Bone to Your Next Furchild Delivery!

Written by...

Katherine Cebrowski
Katherine Cebrowski
Co-Founder and Owner - An accomplished event promoter, airline professional, vegetarian, yoga instructor and English Bulldog owner she works each day to bring out the best in people and their pets.
Katherine Cebrowski

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